Marina Fogle

Marina Fogle, founder of The Bump Class – London’s go to antenatal class for discerning mothers to be who want professional, non-judgmental and practical advice – lives in London’s Notting Hill with her husband Ben Fogle, a writer, adventurer and broadcaster, and their children Ludo, 4 and Iona, 2.  Ben and Marina met while walking their dogs, Maggi and Inca, in Hyde Park.


What’s your favourite holiday destination as a family?

The Martinhal in the Algarve. It was the first holiday we went on as a family that actually felt like a holiday because it was so set up for children but at the same time so spoiling for parents – so we all loved it. For the first time, we returned from holiday as a family, rejuvinated. The most stressful part was dealing when the tears when the children realised they actually had to leave their little utopia. We go back…a lot!

What’s your favourite holiday destination as a couple?

The Amalfi Coast. It was one of our last holidays before we became parentsand we both loved the dramatic coast line, the steep cliffs tumbling into the sea, the character and of course the delicious Italian food. The only thing I didn’t like was the windy road from the airport – I get very car sick!

What’s your first family holiday memory?

We went to stay with some friends in Mozambique when Ludo was little. We were worried about taking him somewhere so remote and about the Malaria riskbut it was a truly memorable holiday. Life was stripped backand we spent the days exploring the miles of pristine white sand. We all slept in the same bed, had no TV, no toys and as a result, no fights between the children. We built sandcastles, explored rock pools, told pirate stories and wore no shoes. Pure bliss.

What’s your kids’ favourite holiday?

Every summer all my family go to Austria, to the lakes. All the cousins share a room, wear lederhosen and dirndls and go ferel exploring the woods and lakes and the mountains. It’s how I used to spend my summersand I love seeing them fall in love with Austria like I did.

What would you take on a desert island?

Apart from my family, our dog. She’s never happier than digging in the sand and splashing in the water. Our family is not complete without Maggi.

What’s on your family holiday wishlist?  

I heard a rumour that Sharky and George (London’s best entertainers) were going to spend the summer at the Martinhal to be in charge of beach games. Considering how much fun those guys make a muddy park in the December drizzle, I can only imagine what fun they’ll have on a mile long beach with a pirate island.

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