Catherine Cooper

Catherine Cooper is a freelance travel writer and author of Travelling with Children: A Parent’s Guide. She lives in the South of France with her husband Alex and two children, Toby aged 11, and Olivia aged 9. She writes for various national publications, airline magazines and websites.

Catherine loves mountains, skiing and active holidays, theme parks and luxury hotels – but hates camping.

What’s your favourite holiday destination?

I really enjoyed Marrakech – we have been both as a couple and as a family and both holidays were brilliant in different ways. It’s so culturally different and yet doesn’t involve a huge journey – there’s so much great stuff to see and some fabulous restaurants. We particularly enjoyed the Atlas mountain trek where the children rode on a mule and totally fell in love with our guides. I have never been anywhere else where the children were so welcomed absolutely anywhere rather than simply tolerated – the Moroccans truly seem to adore children.
What’s your kids’ favourite holiday? 

Skiing! We all love to ski. I regret not learning till I was 14 so was a bit of a Tiger Mum about skiing for the kids – they were both on skis aged three. There was quite a lot of crying at the time, but they both adore it now (and Toby is already a much better skier than me.) That said, they also love the beach in the summer – especially beaches with big waves.

What’s on your family holiday wishlist?

I’d love to go to Las Vegas – it’s cheesiness really appeals and the children and I are a bit obsessed with rollercoasters. Any theme park – I love theme parks (although my husband feels differently!)

I’d also like to go somewhere seriously luxe like the Maldives or Seychelles – can’t beat a bit of luxury. And Bruges, but that’s probably one for just me and Alex ideally.

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